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Is Your Rank Tracking Service Shutting Down?

During the past week we’ve had a number of people contact us for an alternative to WebMeUp, asking for a comparison of Rank Ranger’s SEO platform to WebMeUp’s rank tracker. So we decided that it would be a good idea to provide a list of Rank Ranger features that are similar to basic rank trackers and elaborate on the extras that our SEO platform provides.

Rank Ranger is a complete and versatile platform, that allows you to easily manage multiple SEO campaigns in one, convenient setting. It integrates data from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and provides a range of reports that can be exported with a click. 

webmeup alternative

Migrate Ranking Data

It is easy to migrate SEO campaigns from your old rank tracker to Rank Ranger using the Campaign Import Tool located in the Utilities section. A historical rank data migration tool is currently in beta stage with plans to launch very soon. This tool will allow you to import historical data (past rankings exported from another tool) into your campaigns.

Rank Tracker

People who have previously been using WebMeUp will be especially interested in features such as the Rank Tracker.

Daily Rank Tracking means that your keywords will be checked everyday so that you are able to closely monitor any rank changes. You can also set alerts for specific keywords so you never miss an increase or decrease in rank. 

Global Coverage has Rank Ranger offering 400+ search engines in 100+ countries. The platform is also multilingual letting you use it in your preferred language, as well as tracking keywords in a variety of languages and character sets.

Local Rank Tracking allows you to track Google Places (Maps) results separately or organically.

Special SERP Icons appear in the Rank Tracker Dashboard showing you how your results are displaying on the SERPs. These icons depict authorship, event, site links, ratings, videos, news and local results.

Track Competitor Rankings and compare them to yours. Rank Ranger provides you with critical intelligence about your competitors’ SEO activities by monitoring your competitors’ rankings for your chosen keywords.

Track from Specific Locations in order to differentiate between personalized search options for users searching from specific locations or searching for specific locations.

YouTube Rank Tracking lets you monitor specific videos uploaded to YouTube and track their ranking on a YouTube SERP.

Link Manager

Customize Link Tracking results by selecting from a variety of options and filters in Rank Ranger’s Link Dashboard. The Link Distribution Report provides a graphic presentation of Link Status, Page Rank Distribution and Geo Location of links. An Archive Backlinks option allows expired links to remain in your account for historical data purposes. Report data is easily included in automated White Label PDF reports and can also be exported to Excel or CSV for additional use.

On-Page Optimization

Optimize your page with tips from the Rank Ranger On-Page Optimization tool. This tool gives you the opportunity to identify and correct deficiencies to improve page content quality and rankings.

White Label PDF Reports

Rank Ranger offers a 100% White Label solution including automatic White Label PDF reports. With these you can keep your clients in the loop with an email in their inbox weekly or monthly. You can also use this to keep yourself updated without logging into the Rank Ranger platform. See an example here.

White Label Portal

The White Label portal is for your clients to view their data quickly and simply in a professional web interface that you control. You decide which reports and graphs they can view and whether or not they can change report options. This can be password protected and can even have a custom domain for a more professional look. Enter our White Label Web Interface demo (password is demo).

Reports and Analysis

The various reports available on Rank Ranger give you a complete look at your SEO efforts. You are also able to connect your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts to pull the data in an easy to read and understand format. 

Social Signals

Monitor social signals for landing pages from facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, pinterest, stumbleupon, delicious and digg. Majestic SEO, Ahrefs and Moz backlinks data is integrated to give you a complete overview of a domain or landing page’s impact. 

If your SEO Management Platform is no longer working for you or it is closing down, Rank Ranger should be the obvious solution.

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